One on One Thursdays
60-90 mins $125
9 am–5 pm



If you and your dog are struggling with your training homework, making very little progress or you would like to advance further with your dog training program, make an appointment and get your time slot. 


One on One training sessions are offered Thursdays and run for approximately 60-90 minutes. One on One Thursday's sessions I highly recommend it to my current or graduate students. Current students, you may use your program's training sessions on a Thursday.

Your dog will go home, happy, relaxed and fulfilled. This program helps the handler evolve and develop with a better relationship, clear communication, understanding your dog's body language, advocating, using training tools humanely. 

This works by scheduling an appointment. Once you are on schedule, you stop by Thursday and we begin. Below you can find some pragmatic exercises to work with you dog.

  • Communication Skills: Markers, Cues

  • Crate Games

  • The Place Cue with Games

  • Treadmill Work

  • Tug Games

  • The Recall

  • The Touch Game

  • The Chase Game

  • Social Structured Pack Walks

  • Socialization in a safe controlled environment

  • Mind Body and Confidence Builder with the Doggie Gym