4 SESSIONS $800.00


Master the Walk is a 4 Sessions Program to teach dogs and their owners how to enjoy walking together in harmony. You will learn how to build a language which is the bridge of communication using a marker training systemYou will learn facts about different dog training collars and how they all speak the same language. You will learn how to properly use a leash and training collar employing leash communication on the walks. Your dog will have the appropriate training collar to begin learning leash communication one on one with me. Your responsibility will be to continue to maintain all the training work.

Walking your dog is one of the most important responsibilities of a dog owner. Going out for a walk with your dog is supposed to be a happy healthy outing for the dog and owner. However, this easy task can become a difficult walk for many dogs and owners. If you and your dog are struggling with the walk, Byron can help you turn this around so you can enjoy going out for a nice walk with your dog. Dogs compliment our lives when they join our family. It is a fact that owning a dog or living with dogs is a lifestyle.

Did you know that "the walk" begins inside your home? Most of good and unwanted behaviors are created inside a dog's home. Master the Walk Program is designed to help the dog and owner learn how to walk together in harmony. Walking your dog on a loose leash means the dog understands its job at hand which is to follow the handler. The handler's job is to be mindful of the dog with leash handling and clear communication during the walk in any environment with zero conflict.