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Greetings Everyone!

My name is Byron, I am a professional dog trainer and educator in the field of Dog Training and Behavior Modification helping families and dogs achieve balance.

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 I began the journey of working with dogs in 2005, after leaving corporate America, the pharmaceutical industry. I started a dog walking business which led me further into a rewarding career of training dogs and educating families on how to live with your dogs in harmony.

My Unique approach to dog training is geared more towards addressing the fundamental state of mind of your dog, rather than focusing on creating a robotic dog that simply knows a few obedience commands. I am much more focused with creating a happy, well behaved dog that can hang out anywhere in harmony.


I appreciate and value the immense styles of modern dog training; however, I do not limit myself to one specific way. Every dog is different, what works for one dog might not necessarily work for the other dog. I am limitless, I think outside the box to help a dog and human reach their goals successfully.


An imperative goal is to teach your dog the life saving "recall," which means your comes to you when called. The recall is part of my foundation program.


Another goal is to teach your dog how to behave in all kinds of environments and allow our companions to thrive with good habits under our guidance.


Dogs thrive under rules, thresholds, solid leadership, clear communication, consistency, discipline, structure, the appropriate diet, challenging brain games, tons of love, and patience. 


These are some healthy habits to practice with your dog and teach them well so they can make the right choices during real-world situations that happen anywhere, at any given moment.

"A language is a tool for survival. Energy is the language of all organisms;
connect, communicate, create balance with your dog."


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