Four Weeks Board and Train Program $4,000
Requirements: Dog Must Be Muzzle Conditioned and Crate Trained

It is a rehabilitation program for dogs with behavioral issues such as Human Aggressive, Dog Aggressive with a bite history, Leash Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Fearful, Nervous, Resource Guarding with a bite history, and more. 


This board and train program is a lifesaver for dogs with undesired challenging behaviors mentioned above. The program sets the dog up for success through daily effective training as the process begins and ends successfully. Because unstable dogs have a difficult time coexisting in their environment they need to be removed and come and live in my place where the dog can be helped and begin the healing process. 


The Board and Train for Problem Dogs Program requires the owners/handlers to join me and the dog with a lesson once a week by my place to learn hands-on under my guidance.


The last lesson on the fourth weekend, which is the go-home session, I will finish up with a final 2.5-3 hour lesson which will cover a blueprint of how to live with your trained calm happy dog moving forward. 


All Training programs have a troubleshooting or new behavior learning session at a 30% discount charge after the completion of current training programs.