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Teach Your Puppy Rules, Manners, and  Thresholds,
Potty Train Your Dog 
Crate Train Your Dog 

Close the Bridge of Communication
Be Consistent with Daily Training 
Be Consistent Walking Your Dog Daily
No On Leash Meetings, It can Go Very Bad
Play Crate Games with Your Dog
Feed Appropriate Canine Species Food

Do Not Humanize Your Dog 

"Is all bout building a meaningful and balanced relationship!"


4 Sessions & A Follow Up $600
Every lesson runs approximately 60-90 minutes

Congratulations on acquiring your new friend for life, a beautiful puppy that will become a dog! One of the most important steps a responsible dog owner can do for his new best friend is to train the puppy, develop a great relationship, and shape it into a good canine citizen. 
Puppy Training 101, is a hands-on practical dog training program in the comfort and privacy of your home. For the puppy: manners, basic obedience, crate games, the recall, the walk, and place cue. The owner learns leash handling and communication skills: how to properly use a clicker or verbal markers and cues with clarity. How to hold, grip and handle the leash with finesse during the walk. How to teach and give your dog the job of following you during the walk, and how to read your dog's body language. Lastly, how to advocate for your dog.
Puppy Training 101, helps the dog handler enhance their dog training skills and understanding of your dog's behavior. We begin the process of training indoors without any distractions during the early learning phase. I begin to teach the puppy and handler how to building a common language using a dog training marker system. 
Then we shift outdoors by the third lesson and begin to use some public spaces to practice the walk, leash handling skills, obedience, impulse control, and most importantly the handler learns how to handle the dog in every situation with Zero conflict. 
This program is designed for the handler and puppies to build a solid healthy meaningful relationship through clear communication.