"Is All About Building A Balanced Relationship!"


Congratulations on acquiring your new friend for life, a beautiful puppy that will become a dog! One of the most important steps a responsible dog owner can do for his new best friend is to train the puppy, develop a great relationship, and shape it into a good canine citizen. 
Puppy Training 101 is a hands-on practical dog training program in the comfort and privacy of your home. Puppy training with some fundamentals: Manners, Obedience, Crate Games, The Recall, The Walk, The Place Cue. Each lesson runs for approximately 60-90 minutes. This program helps the dog handler enhance solid dog training skills and understanding canine behavior.
We begin indoors without any distractions during the early learning phase and begin building a common language by having fun with the puppy conditioning it to the crate, place-mat, and dog's bed. Then we shift outdoors by the third lesson and begin to use some public spaces to practice the walk, leash handling skills, obedience, impulse control, and most importantly the handler learns how to handle the dog in every situation with Zero conflict. 
This program is designed for the handler and puppies to build a solid healthy meaningful relationship through clear communication.
Also, this program comes with great benefits, the first one is a 30% discount for a private lesson to troubleshoot any issue you might be experiencing or simply to teach the dog a new behavior.
The second benefit is that you and your dog will meet other dog owners through my Community Pack Walks in which you will participate, and have a great experience.