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If a language is a tool for survival, then it is imperative that we begin thereby building a common language to seek a connection and a balanced relationship. All organisms communicate through vibration, frequency, and energy. Everything is energy, even to a dog and this is how they view the world. Energy is the language of all species, energy is our first language. Your thoughts are vibrations, what you think is how you feel, that feeling sends a vibration to your dog and your dog responds accordingly.


What if a common verbal language is not enough in the relationship? My objective is to teach you about understanding your body language, and your dog's body language. Dogs tend to be highly responsive to human cues, especially the direction of a gaze and the direction in which a human points. Dogs rely on the gestures of humans more than verbal cues, most importantly eye contact. Eye contact is considered an ostensive cue, in which dogs are very smart at understanding. Your ostensive cue is your vibration and your dog picks up on that cue right away. 

Behavior Modification Programs A and B are designed for the Handler and Canine Species by building a healthy and meaningful relationship through clear communication. In order to have a healthy and balanced relationship we must learn to communicate first. We begin by building a language with the dog by employing an efficient marker training system.

Programs A and B, teaches the handler how to communicate clear with your dog by integrating this efficient marker training system hands on. As we move forward training hands on you and your dog will solidly connect through clear communication and witness the effectiveness and transformation of your dog's state of mind along with yours.

Through this learning process of teaching your dog any behavior with markers, the dog handler will become more familiar with their dog's body language. It is important to understand your dog's body language because it makes your relationship more meaningful. Most importantly, advocating for your dog at given moments in our crazy human world teaches your dog about trusting you.

All of my program's first sessions carry a wealth of information which covers different topics relevant to the dog's physical and mental state. Being that it is the first session, it runs for approximately 1.5–2 hours. The remaining lessons run approximately 1-1.5 hours depending on the dog.

My Dog is Fearful. My Dog is Anxious. My Dog is very Nervous.

My Dog has Separation Anxiety. My Dog Jumps on Everyone.

My Dog Pulls on Leash. My Dog Reacts to Everything on Walks etc...


"You are the road map to build a healthy relationship with your dog."


6 Sessions $1200
Unstable Dogs with a Bite History Must Be Muzzle Conditioned

My Dog Bites, My Dog is Human and Dog Aggressive. My Dog is fearful of Dogs. My Dog Resource Guards Food, Toys, Socks, Shoes. My Dog has Separation Anxiety with Destructive Behavior.