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When working with the canine species I am geared towards creating a balanced relationship between human and dog by building a solid foundation and clear communication through hands-on training. I appreciate and value the immense styles of dog training; however, I do not limit myself to one specific way. 

Every dog is different, what works for one dog might not necessarily work for the other dog. I am limitless, I think outside the box to help the dog and human reach their goals successfully.

It is very important to teach our dogs how to behave in all kinds of environments and allow our companions to thrive with good habits under our guidance. Dogs thrive under rules, thresholds, solid leadership, clear communication, consistency, discipline, structure, appropriate species diet, challenging brain games, tons of love and patience. 

These are some healthy habits to practice with your dog and teach them well so they can make the right choices during real-world situations which happen anywhere, at any given moment.





K9 Training with Byron transcends with reliable dog training services helping dogs and families achieve balance and live in harmony.

After leaving the Pharmaceutical Advertising industry in 2005, I started a dog walking business which grew successfully. After mastering the art of walking a dog and Packs of dogs I began teaching my clients who struggle with this easy task of walking a dog.

A few years into the dog industry, I began learning the art of training dogs on my own until I decided to take this further by learning from the best in the industry. I travel to different parts of the country searching for answers, finding them and at the same time learning from the best in the world.  

My approach to dog training is geared more towards addressing the fundamental state of mind of your dog rather than strictly focusing on creating rehearsed behaviors. I am much more concerned with creating a happy, healthy, balanced dog than creating a dog that simply knows a few obedience commands.

I enjoy training dogs with a Verbal Marker System or Clicker training due to its effectiveness. This marker system establishes the foundation to communicate clearly with your dog by building a common language employing the markers; Good, Yes and Nope. Verbal Marker Training is a proficient system which I personally use to train all breeds, my personal dog, puppies, food aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, human aggressive dogs, high anxiety dogs, and teach it to dog owners and witness the relationship transform successfully. 

It is a black and white method of communication that is based on positive reinforcement. With marker training and a go-to tool such as Slip Leads, Flat Collars, Prong Collars, Halters, Transitional Leashes by ( K9-Lifeline) or Remote Collars by (E-Collar Technologies), life is stress-free for the dog and handler. All these tools mentioned above have the same common language which helps communicate clearly and easily with a dog.

Most importantly, it is HOW each tool is employed to communicate clearly with the dog rather than judging the tool. It is NEVER the tool but rather the Fool Behind the Tool.



"It is very important to teach our dogs how to behave in all kinds of environments and allow our companions to thrive with good habits under our guidance. Dogs thrive under rules, thresholds, solid leadership, clear communication, consistency, discipline, structure, appropriate diet, challenging brain games, tons of love and patience. These are some healthy habits to practice with your dog and teach them well so they can make the right choices during those real-world situations which happen anywhere, at any given moment." —Byron—



We begin with a Behavior Consultation and Training Session at the comfort of your domicile after you fill out a Dog Training Application. In this session, I will asses the dog's behavior and together we can create training goals. The Behavior Consultation and Training Session last around 2.5 hours. We will discuss the best program at the end of our session.

Throughout my discussion about Dog's behavior, I will explain how dogs learn, how they forget, how to stop unwanted behaviors, my marker and language building system, how to read your dog's body language and what is communicating. The good, the bad and the ugly of dog parks, the importance of putting your dog in a crate, the dangers of random dogs on-leash meetings, health, nutrition and how everything correlates in the ladder mentioned above.

Lastly, I then shift my focus on the dog with my training techniques to help address the dog's issues and recommend a Problem-Solving Program to assist the dog successfully achieve balance.




3 Weeks Program $3500

The Board and Train Program for Problem Dogs, it is a rehabilitation program for dogs with behavioral issues such as Human Aggressive or Dog Aggressive with a bite history, Leash Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Fearful, Nervous, Resource Guarding, and more.

This Rehabilitation program is a lifesaver for dogs with undesired challenging behaviors mentioned above. This program sets the dog up for success through daily effective training as the process begins and ends successfully. Because unstable dogs have a difficult time coexisting in its environment they need to be removed and come and live in my place where the dog can be helped and begin the healing process. 

The Board and Train for Problem Dogs Program require for the owners/handlers to join me and the dog with a lesson once a week at my place for you to learn hands-on under my guidance.

The last lesson on the third weekend, which is the go-home session, I will finish up with a final 2.5-3 hour lesson which will cover a blueprint of how to live with your trained calm happy dog moving forward. 

All Training programs have a troubleshooting or new behavior learning session free of charge after the completion of this program other training programs.




Congratulations on acquiring your new friend for life, a beautiful puppy that will become a dog!  One of the most important steps a responsible dog owner can do for his new best friend is to train the puppy, develop a great relationship, and shape it into a good canine citizen. 

Puppy Training 101 is a hands-on practical dog training program at the comfort and privacy of your home.  This program helps the dog handler enhance solid dog training skills and understanding of the canine species.

After our first discovery consultation lesson with hands-on work with you and your dog. In our second lesson, we continue building a language to communicate clearly with your dog using a marker training system,  I will also introduce the Place cue.

We begin indoors without any distractions during the early learning phase. Then we shift outdoors by the third lesson and begin to use some public spaces to practice leash handling skills, obedience, impulse control and most importantly the handler learns how to handle the dog in every situation with Zero conflict. 

This program is designed for the handler and puppies to build a solid healthy meaningful relationship through clear communication. Each lesson runs for approximately 1.5 hours. 

Also, this program comes with great benefits, the first one is a Free follow up to troubleshoot any issue you might be experiencing or simply to teach the dog a new behavior.

The second benefit is that you and your dog will meet other dog owners through my community Pack Walks and participate in the life of the dog.



Problem Solving 101, is for the Handler and Dog to build a solid healthy relationship and understanding by first building a language to communicate clearly.

You the handler will learn how to communicate clearly with your dog by employing a marker training system that I will teach you. With this marker training system, you and your dog will learn to connect through clear communication and witness the effectiveness and transformation of your dog's state of mind along with yours.

Through this learning process of teaching your dog any behavior, it is very important for the dog handler to know and understand their dog very well, by reading the dog's body language and advocate at given moments in our crazy human world. 

The best program will be determined after our behavior consultation and training session.



3 Lessons Problem Solving Program: leash pulling, leash reactive, dog reactive, human reactive.


6 Lessons Problem Solving Program: Human and Dog Aggressive, Resource Guarding, Anxious or Nervous, Fearful.


3 Hour Private Lesson Program, Recommended for all dog owners looking to master the walk, behavior tune-up or teaching the dog a new behavior.


K9 Training with Byron Inc. requires a dog training application to be filled out.





My girls Ziva and Zadie (the 2 very happy black lab mixes in most of the pictures) and I have had the privilege of working with and learning from Byron Flores for the past 7 plus years. I rescued my girls at 16 weeks old and after a few stumbles with so-called trainers, I was fortunate enough to meet Byron. We started from step 1 with the foundations, training me to be consistent, to set boundaries, establish respect and be a responsible pack leader. Once I was taught my basics, he worked with my girl's informal training and less formal walks. I can truly say we are blessed to have Byron in our lives all these years later. My girls are healthy, happy, vibrant dogs. He has worked with them daily with positive reinforcement and takes care of them for me while I am at work. He even uses them to train other dogs which makes me one proud mama. Byron has taught me so much about not only canine behavior but health, the newest training techniques as they become available. He constantly reinforces my work to be done and helps me problem shoot when something is off. My relationship with my dogs is balanced and very loving. If Byron had not helped restore good behavior in my home mommy dog relationship would have suffered. I know without a doubt he cares tremendously about the dogs and humans he works with and all he asks for in return inconsistency. Working with Byron has made my relationship with my dogs and understanding of their individual quirks to a level I did not think possible. I can communicate with my girls with no words, just a look or leash snap. They are great off-leash too. I could not recommend another dog trainer any higher than Byron. I think the mere fact that 7 years later my girls are permanent pack members speaks volumes. He is simply the best.  (D. Holwitt)


Our 1-year-old Cockapoo was resource guarding grass clippings, bark, dirt, basically anything that she would pick up on walks.  She would get it in her mouth and growl and snarl if anyone tried to take it out.  I was worried about my son or one of his friends getting bitten because she was protecting dirt!  She was also having issues with running up and jumping on visitors.  Byron came over and helped immediately by providing us with a common language that my family and our dog understood.  Over the course of several weeks, we worked with Byron and practiced on our own and worked to change our dog’s behavior by using the warning phrases that Byron had taught us.  She rarely picks anything up on walks anymore, and if she does (because it is SO YUMMY!), she doesn’t growl or snarl at us and will spit it out if we use the right phrase.  She stays on her “place” and doesn’t jump up any longer.  It is so nice to live with a well-behaved dog who understands what is expected of her because of the language that we now share.  Thanks, Byron! (C. Chichester)


My journey with Miri began a little more than two years ago. Miri found and rescued me very
unexpectedly when one day Byron stopped by the accounting firm with a dog he was fostering and training for Muddy Paws Rescue. While I was waiting to meet Byron’s personal dog, Hank, that day, instead I met and instantly connected with blue eyes Miri. Witnessing this connection he introduced and talked about Miri, her background and the extensive program she went through and completed while under his care. As much as I was amazed by Miri and Byron’s work that he put into this dog, I had my doubts and fears. Taking in a powerful and highly energetic dog such as Miri would require a lot of work and responsibility on my part. That’s when Byron proved how professional and passionate he is about what he does with humans and dogs. Very patiently he helped me work through getting over my doubts. Since Miri was already trained we began
the transition with training me on the verbal markers so that I can learn to clearly communicate with my
dog. Next was mastering the walk, such an important skill to learn and understand. From there we
proceeded with obedience, crate training, and dog socialization. Byron did all this to make sure that Miri
and I can have a very good start and a great trusting relationship. He was there every step of the way to answer any questions I had. As a lifelong dog lover and owner, I thought I had a good understating of canine behavior, boy was I wrong. It is thanks to Byron that I understand now what great dog ownership is it all about. It’s not just about meeting the dog's basic needs but forming a bond, a lifelong relationship. That is done by being consistent with training, being disciplined and dedicated. Byron taught and showed me that training is not tedious work, it is fun playtime, happy hour, a quality time spend daily with your dog where not only you help
your dog get rid of the physical energy but also challenging your dog mentally, which helps to get your dog in a calm state of mind. I feel very proud and accomplished when I walk my dog I get compliments from passersby’s on how well behaved Miri is. Thank you, Byron, for educating me and showing me what a great and healthy relationship with a dog should be like. (E.W.)



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